neděle 22. května 2011


Trailer to some things you might see and experience in prague

Pictures of Prague

Different shots and year-times of Prague
Will put some more up later

sobota 21. května 2011

Besides being the drinking capital of the world,
Prague is also a really beautiful city and every year over 5 million tourists come to visit.
Most come for the sights like the Charle's Bridge and the Staromestke Namesti, but that shouldn't fool you into thinking that Prague can be boring. There's literally hunders of clubs, many of which are open pretty-much nonstop.
To list just a few:
Solidni Nejistota
And all these places let in with no ID check and sell absinth :D

Czech Republic

The best country to go to is of course my homeland...
The Czech Republic
I was born here and immediately knew it was a great place to be, beer is flowing everywhere. Once you hit a certain age (varies between 13-14) you are expected to drink as much as possible, to maintain our world record. The most beer drunk per capita. I've been helping for the past 4 years and it even tastes great :D
Hey guys
this is my first post, so I'm gonna get started with real content shortly :D
This blog is basically going to be about travelling, countries I've been too, and where I'd recommend going to.
So stay tuned and I'm gonna start shortly.